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The young, youths and the old women have their dream gowns, but the question is what the history of these wedding  It is of recent that people have started putting on colored gowns instead of the original white gowns. However, there are different reasons why people used and still put-on white gowns
Nalongo Lubowa aged 65 a  resident of Ggaba talked on how the brides used to put-on in the past year and gave their advices to today’s brides………………………..

Andy, the Managing Director of Andy’s Bridal had this to say about the history of wedding gowns

Many brides find a challenge of choosing the bridal gowns and the changing dresses. The solution is to know your body shape and to seek advice from people who have experience in choosing wedding outfits

For the bridal outfit 2 look good, a good fabric should be used. The designer should know how to make fabric flowers, know how to bead the wedding gown and also the right cloth material .cloth materials used should depend on the seasons. It’s always good to coordinate materials with seasons like summer materials must look good in the sun, but also allow the body to breathe. Aisha who sells fabrics at Choice Textiles at Kiyembe Kampala explained the bridal outfit fabrics………………………………………….

For the bridal outfit to look good, there are some steps  involved.
Not all gowns worn by Ugandan brides are imported. There are some local designers who design good gowns and changing dresses. Ameria, a fashion designer at Amby Bridal had this to say………………….

The bridal outfit is incomplete when we exclude the tiara, vails and bridal shoes.



bridal shoes 



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